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Hume Newbie

Well I am not exactly a Vet as I only went to Hume for the first time last year. But I am still a Hume Lover...Does that work?

1. At what age did you first set foot on Hume Lake Christian Camps? 23...I am not exactly a Vet.

2. What is your best memory about Hume Lake? I have so many, but one is definetly worshiping with Everybody Duck..

3. What is the worst memory? Leaving. LOL

4. How many times have you gone to hume? Twice as a camper and once as a counselor.

5. Have you worked at Hume, if so, what department and what year/years? Nope..

6. Why is Hume important to you? Hume is just an amazing place, Where I can be with other Christian people, worship, and get away from so many other things in life.

7. What is the best activity at Hume? Broom Hockey ;)

8. What was your main purpose for visiting/working at Hume Lake? To grow in my walk with Christ and to help others grow in their walks as well..

9. When you came away from Hume, what were your thoughts? When can I go back?

10. Has Hume Lake changed your life in any way? If so, how? Yes..Hume and brought me closer to Christ, closer to the friends that I attended camps with, and closer to the girls that I counseled as well.
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