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1. At what age did you first set foot on Hume Lake Christian Camps? 15

2. What is your best memory about Hume Lake? worshiping with 330 Plan, or my youth group leader getting engaged

3. What is the worst memory? I had a mental breakdown the thursday i was there

4. How many times have you gone to hume? once, i just got back today :]

5. Have you worked at Hume, if so, what department and what year/years? i haven't but i plan to

6. Why is Hume important to you? because it's important for me to be in a situation where there is a constant focus on Jesus Christ

7. What is the best activity at Hume? rec chapel

8. What was your main purpose for visiting/working at Hume Lake? getting closer with the Lord

9. When you came away from Hume, what were your thoughts? that God made me for a purpose

10. Has Hume Lake changed your life in any way? If so, how? it's made me realize that i cannot change my past, so i best look forward to where i'm going
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