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allo allo!

1. At what age did you first set foot on Hume Lake Christian Camps?

hrms. I dunno really, way back when in Ponderosa.. let's see... 13? 14? 15? *shrug* too late to figure

2. What is your best memory about Hume Lake?

Well, I have plenty of memories about a friend of mine (Kimberly Jerkins, anyone know her? :D) from Hume

3. What is the worst memory?

hm. A Winter of '99 memory where I ended up being less than friendly to the person I most liked.

4. How many times have you gone to hume?

Probably around 5 all together - summer & winter

5. Have you worked at Hume, if so, what department and what year/years?


6. Why is Hume important to you?

It was the place where God shone most awesomely, especially in contrast to "reality"

7. What is the best activity at Hume?


8. What was your main purpose for visiting/working at Hume Lake?

um.. more fun that sitting around doing nothing at home, usually

9. When you came away from Hume, what were your thoughts?

only a few months to winter/summer!

10. Has Hume Lake changed your life in any way? If so, how?

Too many, all with long stories attached to them. Some good, some not so good... but, in the end they were good experiences and things I would have needed eventually.

So I'm gonna leave it here for now. :D

~*~ thefaeway ~*~
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