Lover of fictional 19th century British gentlemen (ringsandcoffee) wrote in hume_lake_vets,
Lover of fictional 19th century British gentlemen

Hooray for Hume!

1. At what age did you first set foot on Hume Lake Christian Camps?
Meadow Ranch jr high camp, 1991, so I guess I was 13.

2. What is your best memory about Hume Lake?
Too many to choose from, but Joel Weldon leading worship is one. Also, buying junk food at the store!

3. What is the worst memory?
Having to clean our cabin every morning at Meadow Ranch

4. How many times have you gone to hume?
5 summers (91-95)

5. Have you worked at Hume, if so, what department and what year/years?
no, but I wanted to

6. Why is Hume important to you?
It's where I learned so much about myself and about God's love for me. I have so many good memories, and I loved going there.

7. What is the best activity at Hume?
Kayaking on the lake, or diving over and over again at the pool. Snow cones at the Ark!

8. What was your main purpose for visiting/working at Hume Lake?
Back then, was a cool place to go in the summer.

9. When you came away from Hume, what were your thoughts?
I am loved, but truly living for Christ is not an easy endeavor

I never got to visit again, and now that I live in Arizona, I may never get back. Still, I'll always remember and get excited about Hume Lake.
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welcome to the community :)
hm, it was a little while ago that you went to hume. its almost to the point where i cant go to hume anymore (this is my senior year in highschool, so next summer is the last summer that i can go as a camper), but hume will always hold that special place in my heart too.
oh! and you're from Arizona?? when i was up at hume this summer we had a group from Arizona up there, and they were some of the funniest/greatest people.
Thanks :) It pays off doing random interest searches. I almost went the summer after I graduted high school, but I would have been the only graduate.

I used to live in Northern California (Bay area and Sacramento) but I just moved to AZ 2 months ago.